About us

Huzaifa Internationals is established in 2000, headquartered at Commercial Area Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha, Pakistan.

Company Profile

Huzaifa Internationals through the careful and responsible application of science delivers products to promote animal well- being and sustainable productivity. The company has developed strong relationships with a number of distribution partners globally. Our products are recognized as offering security to both distributors and end users, through their consistently high quality. Atzan Pharmaceuticals always provide the best products of the world.

Company Mission

“We have made it our mission to provide innovative, distinctive products and services that save and improve lives and satisfy customer needs, to be recognized as a great place to work, and to provide investors with a superior rate of return.”

Company Vission

“Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative medicines, Poultry & Vet vaccines, biologic therapies, and animal products. We aspire to be the best healthcare company in the world and are dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for tomorrow.”

Company Goal

“As the company progresses the scope and vision are getting big, we see future as Atzan Pharmaceuticals & Huzaifa International being the company in the first row for providing best animal health solutions in Pakistan. We are very hopeful as we are progressing towards the accomplishment of our goals to have the vast range of antibiotics, anticoccidials, anthelmintics, hormones, vaccines, intramammary infusions and Dietary Supplements for animal health very soon.”


2000 ~ 2006

  • The Foundation stone of Atzan Pharmaceuticals was put in place in year 2000 and is based at Sargodha. Since its emergence in 2000 company started its activities in Marketing and Sales of the quality products imported from Komipharm International, Korea.
  • The organization got a great start right from the start by importing and marketing the new generation products range for poultry and livestock that includes Injectable Vitamins, Antibiotic Spray & Antipyretic, with the names of Amivital High Inj., Pink Spray & Thampyron respectively. All three products get the full support and now are the favorites one of the leading prescribers of the country.

2007 ~ 2012

  • After having that welcoming feedback company expands its wings in 2007 by importing more products and hiring more staff that was professionally skilled in respective marketing and sales areas. Currently Atzan Pharmaceuticals enjoys the trained Staff at head office to fully support marketing and sales team in the field.
  • Till 2011 Company do combine Business of Livestock & poultry but at 01 January 2012 company separates the Livestock & Poultry business. Under the Head of Atzan Pharmaceutical, Company starts Livestock & under the Head of Huzaifa International Poultry Business starts.

Progress & Achievements

  • Atzan Pharmaceuticals is a national corporation operating in the field of Pharmaceuticals, biological and chemicals specialties. The company with its headquarters in the heart of Pakistan “Sargodha” makes it easy to penetrate in all directions of the country.
  • Over the years Atzan Pharmaceuticals has constantly progressed and has reached a high level of market development with an aim to acquire a leading position among the various veterinary pharmaceutical companies both national & foreign operating in Pakistan.
  • The Success story of last 10 years is the fruit of many factors of industrial development such as progress in the field of technology, quality, research, marketing & large sales network in Pakistan.

We ensure Quality Products & Services

  • It is worth mentioning here that we make sure that all our supplies should always be in accordance with latest safety requirements concerning technology and environmental regulations and in doing so we usually surpass the legal requirements.
  • Atzan Pharmaceuticals ensures best quality products at your door step with its highly skilled and technical staff. The company is committed to provide the Market with best health solutions for animals. The company’s success lies with the health solutions for animals by marketing quality products, people and environment safety and last but not the least Customer Care.
  • In an effort to conquer the veterinary market and enjoy the position in first row in Pakistan, now we are expanding at greater pace by finding and hitting the Veterinary markets in the country with the firm beliefs of “business partners, customer, Farmer, Quality, and reputation” as top most priority . The experience, know-how, market sense and marketing are the keywords which urbanise our aim “Keeping Animals Up and Healthy”.